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STIHL offers a select line of landscaping sprayers, each one specially designed to meet your unique spraying tasks. For outdoor jobs like spraying orchards or spraying both liquid or granular materials requiring greater range and high pressure STIHL gasoline-powered backpack sprayers deliver power, comfort and ease of use.
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STIHL SG 10 Sprayer

The STIHL SG 10 Sprayer is a lightweight and tough ...

STIHL SG 20 Sprayer

The STIHL SG 20 Sprayer weighs in just over 11-lbs and has ...

STIHL SR 200 Sprayer

The STIHL SR 200 Sprayer weighs in just under 19-lbs and ...

STIHL SR 450 Sprayer

The STIHL SR 450 Sprayer weighs in just over 28-lbs and has ...

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