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John Deere 7310R 310-hp Agricultural Row-Crop Tractor

The John Deere 7310R Agricultural Row-Crop Tractor has a 310-hp engine. Learn more...

Features and Benefits

  • John Deere PowerTech™ 9.0L PSS
  • Choice of e23™ PowerShift, or Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™)
  • MFWD, or Triple Link Suspension Plus
  • Horsepower: 310 engine hp (260 PTO hp) 
  • Hydraulic Capacity: Up to 59 U.S. gpm (223 L/min) 
  • Hitch-Lift Capacity: Up to 17,300 lb. (7,847 kg) 
  • Drawbar Capacity: Up to 10,000 lb. (4,536 kg)


  • MODEL 7310R


  • Diesel Engine Type (see code selection) 
  • Displacement (see code selection) 
  • Engine Power Level/Speed (see code selection) 
  • Automatic Shutdown System  
  • Dry Type Air Cleaner with Safety Element and Dirt Aspiration System  
  • Tilt Hood Enclosure with Side Panels 
  • Viscous Fan  
  • Electric Fuel Shutoff  
  • Electric Thermal Assist Starting Aid 
  • Coolant Conditioner Additive  
  • Engine Coolant Recovery System  
  • Fuel Filter and Pre-Filter  
  • Fuel Water Separator with Sensor  
  • Self-Priming and Bleeding Electronic Fuel Pump 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (see engine details) 
  • DEF Tank Size Capacity (see engine details) 
  • B2 Biodiesel from the Factory  
  • Lockable Fuel Cap  
  • Engine Oil Filter  
  • Electronic Injection, Governor 
  • Control with Field Cruise 


  • Transmission (see code selection) 
  • CommandArm Controls (see code selection) 
  • Perma-Clutch II (Hydraulically Engaged Wet-Disk Clutch) 
  • Park Lock  
  • Neutral Safety Start System  


  • Load-Sensing Hydraulic Power 
  • Steering (see code selection) 
  • Wet-Disk Hydraulic Power Brakes  
  • Tilt/Telescoping Memory Steering Wheel 
  • Hydraulically-Engaged Rear 
  • Differential Lock 


  • Pressure and Flow Compensating 
  • Axial Piston Pump 
  • Hydraulic Pump (see code selection) 
  • Selective Control Valves (see code selection) 
  • Push/Pull ISO Breakaway Couplers and High Pressure Relief Levers 


  • Power Take-Off (see code selection) 
  • PTO Safety Start System  
  • Seat-Activated PTO Warning  
  • Adjustable Engagement Modulation  


  • Hitch Type (see code selection) 
  • Fixed Length Draft Links Arms  
  • External Sway Blocks with Tapered Wedge Adjustment 
  • Hitch Dampening  
  • Center Link Adjustment Handle  
  • RH and LH Liftlink Adjustment Handles 
  • Drawbar Type


  • Corner Post Digital Instrument 
  • Panel includes: 
  • Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge  
  • Fuel Level Gauge with Low Fuel Warning Signal  
  • Engine RPM Indicator  
  • Status Indicators for MFWD  
  • Differential Lock  
  • Rear PTO Speed  

CommandCenter Display with Processor includes: 

  • Generation 4 AutoTrac Capability - Activiation Required (see code selection) 
  • Video Capability with Tractor Function Activated Triggers 
  • Access Manager  
  • Universal Machine and Work Monitor 
  • Reconfigurable Display Function 
  • Definable by Operator 
  • iTEC Tractor and Implement Function Control 


  • For a complete list of languages refer to the Ag Sales Manual  


  • CommandView III Cab (see code selection) 
  • Tilt/Telescoping Memory Steering Wheel 
  • Seat (see code selection) 
  • Integrated CommandCenter Display (see code selection) 
  • Adjustable Position CommandARM with Integrated Controls 
  • Swing-Out Rear Window (30 Degrees) 
  • Tinted Glass  
  • Air Conditioner and Heater  
  • Automatic Temperature Controls with Controls on CommandARM 
  • Rear Storage Behind Seat  
  • Folding Instructional Seat  
  • Left Hand Storage  
  • Two Beverage Holders  
  • Right and Left Outside Mirrors  
  • Radio (see code selection) 
  • Inside Cab Mounted Rear View Mirror 
  • Passive Noise Reduction System  
  • Backlit CommandARM Controls  
  • Laminated Front Glass and Sound Barrier 
  • Powerstrip With Convenience Plug Adapter 
  • Coat Hook in Rear Corner  
  • Right Hand Steps  
  • Programmable Egress Lighting  


  • Key Engine Shutoff  
  • 12V Electrical System  
  • Two 925 CCA 12V Batteries  
  • Three 12V Electrical Convenience Outlet 
  • Two 12V Electrical 3-Pin Outlet with Adapter 
  • Battery Boost Terminal  
  • Alternator (see code selection) 
  • SmartCircuit Current Load 
  • Monitoring System with Fuse Panel 
  • 7-Terminal Rear Implement 
  • Electrical Outlet Socket 
  • Integrated ISO Radar Connector  
  • StarFire ITC or Radar Speed Input 
  • Harness 
  • ServiceADVISOR Data Port  


  • Exterior Lighting 
  • Left Hand Rotary Beacon Light Extremity, Brake, Turning, and Hazard Lights 


  • Integrated Plug-In for GreenStar Display 
  • Deluxe StarFire Receiver Bracket  
  • GreenStar Ready Harness with Implement 
  • Circuit Gateway and Integrated GreenStar Display Plug-In  Connector (ISO 11783 Compatible)  
  • Ethernet Harness  
  • AutoTrac Ready Components:  
  • Wiring, Steering Controller, Front Wheel-Angle Sensor and Electro-Hydraulic Steering Valve  
  • Right Side Convenience Step  


  • Horn  
  • PTO Master Shield  
  • Tool Box  
  • Operator's Manual
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