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240 Coil-Tine Chisel Plow Harrow

This harrow is designed specifically for the 2400 and 2410 Chisel Plows. Harrow performance has been increasingly important to customers over the last few years. Soil profile and residue-handling capability are top on the list of performance issues.

Features and Benefits

  • Manage heavy soil and residue conditions
  • Make heavy-duty adjustments with the quick turn of a rod


  • MODEL  240 

Adjustments include:

  • Drawbar down pressure and height
  • Pitch of harrow channels
  • Tine angle
  • Drawbar down pressure uses weight from the chisel plow to force tine penetration at any angle. The harrow can be adjusted up and out of the soil at full chisel plow depth.
  • The harrow pitch can be changed to offer uniform engagement through any depth setting. The tine angle can be changed to affect soil profile and residue handling.
  • The tines are designed to break up those large, tough soil chunks and smooth the soil profile:
  • 0.531-in. diameter tines
  • 4-in. effective spacing
  • 20-in. long tines
  • The harrow can be positioned up and out of the soil for a rougher profile for wintering.
  • Whether operating in dry conditions and bringing up large chunks of soil in wheat country or operating in heavy corn residue, the 240 Coil-Tine Chisel Plow Harrow is up for the challenge.
  • A quick turn of the adjustment rod changes the down pressure and height of the harrow. These adjustments help the operator match their soil profile requirements and residue flow needs.
  • A quick pin ensures the harrow will stay set. Tine angle adjustments can be made without the use of tools.
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