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John Deere C850 Air Cart

The John Deere C850 Air Cart has an 850 bushel capacity. Learn more ...

Features and Benefits

  • 850-bushel (30-cu m) capacity
  • 170 acres (69 ha) per fill
  • Under 10 minutes fill time
  • Calibrate rate in half the time
  • Total tank capacity:  850 bu (30-cu m) 
  • Low rate tank capacity: 50 bu (1.8 cu m) 
  • Conveyer rate: 100 bu (3.5 cu m)/min. 
  • Dual fans: 550 lbs (249.5 kg)/min.


  • MANUFACTURER: John Deere
  • MODEL: C850


  • For large-scale, small-grain producers who want to cover more acres per day – the 850-bu C850 Air Cart is available for seeding performance that goes beyond measure.
  • This C850 has 55 percent more carrying capacity than the previous larger cart offering from John Deere, which with common application rates can easily seed a quarter section, saving producers up to 31 hours on 3035 ha (7,500 acres).
  • The C850 can also be equipped with additional enhancements such as AirPower™ 2 fan drive system, John Deere ActiveCal™ system, acres remaining, SectionCommand™, and hydraulic wireless conveyance, allowing producers to get more done in less time.
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