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John Deere S690 Combine

The John Deere S690 Combine has a 400-bu S-Series grain tank. Learn more ...

Features and Benefits

  • The John Deere S690 Combine provides customers unprecedented performance and capacity in all crops and conditions. The unique single-tine separator system provides superior crop handling performance, high levels of productive capacity, and excellent quality of harvested grain.
  • The John Deere S690 is capable of handling all header sizes up to 40-ft in width. The John Deere S690 has many built-in performance, safety, service, and reliability features to make harvesting easier for the large producer.


  • MODEL S690


  • Pressurized Cab with HVAC ClimaTrak
  • Premium Storage Package
  • Premium Operators Seat
  • Actively Cooled Refrigeration Unit
  • Windshield Wiper (1-Blade) with Washer
  • Dual Tilt-Telescoping Steering Column
  • Seat with Air Suspension
  • Training Seat
  • Driver and Training Seat Belts
  • Beacon Lights
  • Pull-down Front Sunshade
  • 3-Position Pivoting Operator's Ladder
  • 2 Adjustable Heated Cab Mounted Mirrors
  • Large Cup Holders
  • Auxiliary Power Outlet Strip
  • Business Band Radio Pre-wired
  • Basic Radio Package
  • AM/FM Stereo Radio and CD-Player
  • Antenna and Two Speakers
  • Auxiliary Input Jack located on front of Radio


  • CommandTouch Operator Control Console
  • Electro-Hydraulic Controlled
  • Header and Separator Controls
  • Dial-A-Speed (Automatic Reel Speed Control)
  • Header Reverser with Reel Reverse Feature
  • CommandCenter Color Display for:
  • Combine/Header/Engine Information
  • Diagnostic and Calibrations
  • Folding Grain Tank Extensions
  • Fold/Unfold (if equipped) Chopper Position
  • Video Camera Application (if equipped)
  • TouchSet (Automatic Combine Adjustment) Harvest Monitor
  • GreenStar AutoTrac Ready Wiring Harness and Steering Components with Harvest Monitor System LESS GreenStar Display
  • JDLink Capable
  • Hydrostatic Ground Speed Control Handle with Integral Buttons for:
  • AutoTrac Resume Button
  • Reel Height and Fore/Aft Remote
  • Reel Control or Feederhouse
  • Backshaft Speed
  • 2-Speed Header Raise and Lower
  • Lateral Tilt Feederhouse Control
  • 3-Position Header Height and Reel Resume
  • 5-Position Unloading Auger Swing and Unloading Auger Engage Controls
  • Quick-Stop Header/Unloading Auger Disengage Switch
  • Draper Variable Belt Speed In-Cab Control
  • TouchSet (Automatic Combine Adjustment) Includes:
  • Full Automatic Adjustment or Individual
  • Remote Adjustment for Rotor Speed,
  • Concave Spacing, Cleaning Fan RPM
  • Chaffer/Sieve Element Opening
  • GreenStar Harvest Monitoring (Yield and Moisture)
  • Multi-Function CommandTouch Corner Post Display with:
  • Engine Power Meter
  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel level and Temperature Gauge
  • Deck Plate and Dial-A-Speed Display
  • Transmission Gear or Range Indicator
  • Lateral Tilt Feederhouse Indicator
  • VisionTrak Grain Loss and Tailings Monitor
  • Active Header Control and Header Float Display
  • Exhaust Filter Cleaning Indicator
  • Header Control Package Includes:
  • 3-Position Header Height Resume
  • Reel Resume
  • Active Header Float System
  • Header Height Sensing System


  • Standard Lighting Package
  • Overhead Work Lights (4)
  • High Beam Driving Lights (2)
  • Low Beam Driving Lights (2)
  • Transport and Field Lamps (6)
  • Grain Tank and Unloading Auger Lamps (2)
  • Warning and Tail Lamps with Integral Turn Signals (4)
  • Rotating Beacon Lights (3)
  • SideFinder Lights (2)
  • Cleaning Shoe Lights
  • Exit Lighting
  • Rear Residue Discharge Lights (2)
  • Stubble Lights (2)
  • Deceleration Warning Light


  • Heavy-Duty Feederhouse
  • Lateral Tilt Feederhouse with Reverser and CommandTouch Multi-Speed Drive System -
  • 3.50 In. (90 MM) Lift Cylinders(Corn)
  • Lateral Tilt Feederhouse with Reverser and Fixed Speed Drive System -
  • 3.15 In. (80 MM) Lift
  • Cylinders(Small Grain)
  • Level Land Feederhouse with Reverser and Fixed
  • Speed Drive System - 3.15 In. (80 MM) Lift Cylinders (Rice)
  • 17 Degree Fore/Aft Adjustable Front
  • Tilt Frame
  • Heavy-Duty Reverser with Push Button
  • Electro-Hydraulic Shift Engagement
  • Single-Point Electric Hydraulic Hookup and Latching System
  • 2-Speed Feeder Chain
  • Front Drum Side Shields (Rice)
  • Stone Trap with Manual Dump


  • TriStream Rotor Threshing Technology (Corn/Small Grain)
  • 24 In. Diameter (600 MM) Feeding and Threshing Section
  • 27 In. Diameter (678 MM) Separating Section
  • Total Rotor Length of 124.5 In. (3164 MM)
  • Variable Stream Rotor Threshing Technology (Rice)
  • 24 In. Diameter (600 MM) Feeding and Threshing Section
  • 27 In. Diameter (678 MM) Separating Section
  • Total Rotor Length of 124.5 In. (3164 MM)
  • Feed Accelerator 5-Wing 17 In.(420 MM) Diameter with Heavy-Duty, 2-Speed Drive 440/800 RPM (Corn and Grain) 510/1000 RPM (Rice)
  • Standard Feed Accelerator and 30 Serrated Wear Strips (Corn/Grain)
  • Tine Feed Accelerator and 60 Serrated Wear Strips (Rice)
  • 3 Concave Sections 1.1 Sq. Meter Total Area
  • Round Bar Concave (Corn)
  • Small Wire Concave (Small Grain)
  • Large Wire Concave (Rice)
  • 19 Open Row Separator Grates 1.54 Sq. Meter Total Area (Small Grain includes 20 Separator Grate Covers)
  • Separator Drive
  • 210-1000 RPM Dual-Range Posi-Torq Separator Air Discharge Chute Agitators
  • Discharge Beater and Grate
  • 10 wing Discharge Beater with 30 Wear Strips and Threshing Grate (Corn/Grain)
  • 10 wing Discharge Beater with 60 Wear Strips and Threshing Grate (Rice)
  • Discharge Beater Grate 0.45 Sq. Meter Total Area


  • 2-Stage S-Series Cleaning System has:
  • 12 Blades 20 In. Diameter (500 mm) Dual Discharge Cleaning Fan
  • Deep Tooth Remote Adjustable Chaffer and Sieve (corn)
  • General Purpose Remote Adjustable Chaffer and Sieve (small grain/rice)
  • Separator Air Discharge Chute Agitators


  • 400 Bushel (14,100 L) Grain Tank 3.8 (135 L) Bushels Per Second (average)
  • Unloading System with Unloading Auger
  • Manual Folding Grain Tank Loading
  • Auger/Extensions
  • Extended Wear Grain Handling System (Rice)


  • Wing Blade Wide-Spread
  • Fine Cut
  • 2-Speed
  • Chopper with Integrated Chaff Spreader and Single-Point Adjustable Knife Bank


  • John Deere 6 Cylinder 6135H (13.5 L) Rated Speed at 2100 RPM
  • Rated Power "ECE R120" (kW/HP) 353/473
  • Power Boost at Rated Speed (kW/HP) 37/50
  • Rate power at 100 (kW/HP) 378/507
  • Peak power at 200 (kW/HP) 402/540
  • PowerTech Plus Diesel Engine Technology with Turbocharger and Air-to-Air Aftercooler
  • Electronically Controlled Fuel Injection and Fuel Shutoff
  • 200 AMP Alternator
  • 330 Gal. (1250 L) Fuel Tank
  • Rotary Screen Air Intake with Vacuum Pickup
  • Automatically Tensioned Poly-V Accessory Drive Belts
  • Standard Capacity Engine
  • Pre-Cleaner and Air Cleaner Filter System
  • High Capacity Wide Spaced Tube Radiator
  • Air Scoop Cooling Technology
  • Export Compliant Power Unit (Export only except Australia and Mexico)


  • Drive Wheels and Tires
  • Steering Wheels and Tires
  • Speed Hydrostatic Ground Drive System
  • ProDrive Transmission with Harvest Smart Feedrate Control
  • Heavy-Duty Final Drive
  • Adjustable Rear Axle with Heavy-Duty Spindles


  • Closed Center Hydraulic System
  • Proportional Header Height, Reel and Spreader Speed Control
  • High Capacity (45 GPM) System and Single Piece Integral Valve Assembly
  • Header Suspension System
  • Reel Fore/Aft Hydraulics


  • Full Composite Flip-Open Side Shields
  • Central Lube Charts
  • Easy Access Lube Banks
  • Hydraulic Diagnostic Receptacles
  • Steel Tool Box with Tray
  • Battery Storage Container to Ground Level -Extend Battery Posts and Cut-Off Switch


  • One 10 Lb. Type ABC Fire Extinguisher (Front Mounted) not included for Russia
  • One 2.5 Gal. Water Fire Extinguisher. Shipped empty, requires filling at pre-delivery (Rear Mounted) not included for Russia
  • Independent Hydraulic Brakes
  • Park Brake
  • Back Up Alarm
  • Composite Styling with Air Scoop
  • Advanced Air Intake
  • CAN-BUS Electronic On-Board Communication System with Solid State Power Distribution Centers
  • Temporary Surface Rust/Corrosion Protection (Export Only)
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