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The 630F Platform is unique in that it is a true 30ft width. This means the model designation represents the platform cutterbars true cutting width.

The 630F Platform is designed to specifically mate with and better utilize the capacity of the 70 Series Combines. The 630F high-performance cutting platform can deliver up to 30 percent more productivity (in soybeans) through the use of innovative engineering, advanced technology, and quality manufacturing.

Available in the revolutionary HydraFlex™ cutterbar, the 630F Platform is ideally suited for harvesting crops such as soybeans extremely close to the ground and can also lock the flexible cutterbar to a rigid position for cutting small grain.


  • MODEL 630F


  • Type 4-in. knife system with in-line gearbox
  • Cutterbar angle 10 degrees
  • Cutterbar length, ft. (m) 30 (9.2)
  • Flex cutterbar float range, in. (mm) 6 (152.4)
  • Tilt adjustment 17 degrees (located on feederhouse)
  • Knife sections Heavy-duty, over-serrated
  • Guards Forged steel, heat-treated
  • Backshaft speed, rpm 520
  • Knife speed, cycles/min. 520

Platform Auger

  • Diameter, in. (mm) 26 (660)
  • Operating speed, rpm 152, 135 (slow down), 170 (speedup)


  • Number for slats 6
  • Diameter, in. (mm) 42 (1067)

Reel Controls

  • Height control Hydraulic
  • Speed control Hydraulic
  • Operating speeds, rpm 6 to 44


  • Reel motor displacement (per revolution), cu. in. (L) ---
  • Reel drive system pressure, psi (kPa) 2000 +/- 150 (14000 +/- 1000)
  • Reel fore/aft stroke, in. (mm) 14.1 (359)


  • Cutting width, ft. (m) 30 (9.14)
  • Gathering width, ft. (m) 30.1 (9.18)
  • Overall width, ft. (m) 31.7 (9.98)
  • Approximate weight, lb. (kg) 5641 (2559)
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