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The John Deere 608C StalkMaster is available in 8-row models with 30-in., 70-cm, and 75-cm row spacing.

The 608C StalkMaster Corn Heads have been redesigned from the ground up to provide the high-capacity and productivity features for which growers are looking. These improved corn heads deliver durability and dependability second to none, plus innovative designs and technology that deliver distinct advanta

-Higher levels of performance when harvesting standing, down, or leaning crops.
-Takes in less material, increasing separation and throughput, allowing growers to better utilize the higher levels of capacity of the 70 Series STS™ Combines.
-Increased residue management capabilities with more aggressive, longer-lasting knife rolls along with an updated StalkMaster design to fit all stalk-processing needs.




  • MODEL  John Deere
  • 608C Stalkmaster 


Corn Head

  • Gatherer points Low profile floating type hinged above gather chains 
  • Center and outer gatherers Hinged, quick - removable 
  • Gatherer chains Heavy-Duty 620 endless steel roller chain with chromed pins (no master connecting link) 
  • Minimum clearance between gatherer chains and ground, in. (mm) 32 mm (1-1/4-in.) 
  • Row unit drive Enclosed submerged in lubricant gear box, driven by single input hex shaft 
  • Gatherer chain adjustment Spring loaded, self adjusting 
  • Stalk rolls Spiral-pointed, flute-type (2 per row unit) 
  • Deck plate adjustment Hydraulic adjusted 
  • Slip clutch 1 per row unit plus auger drive 
  • Trash knives Full length one piece heat treated steel 



  • Approximate overall width for storage, ft.-in. (mm) 7 ft., 11-in. (2400 mm) 
  • Approximate overall length for storage 20 ft., 10-in. (6350 mm) 
  • Points in operating position, ft.-in. (mm) 9 ft., 10-in. (3000 mm) 
  • Points folded up (service position), ft.-in. (mm) 7 ft., 11-in. (2400 mm) 
  • Approximate shipping weight (includes shipping skid), lb. (kg) 6433 lb. (2918 kg) 
  • Row spacings, in. (mm) 30-in. 
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