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Frontier LW1266 In-Line Bale Wrapper

The LW1266 is unique because the bale push is an integrated part of the In-Line Bale Wrapper.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable tongue (hitch) folds out of way for easy repositioning of unit.
  • Bale push is integrated into machine.
  • Control box and levers are control center of machine.
  • Film wrap sensor shuts down wrapping cycle when out of film.
  • Traction implement tires great on wet and uneven terrain.


  • MODEL LW1266


  • Overall machine height, ft (m) 9 (2.7)
  • Overall machine width, ft (m) 9 (2.7)
  • Overall machine shipping length, ft (m) 16.4 (5)
  • Overall machine length, ft (m) 25.4 (7.7)


  • Weight, lb (kg) 5250 (2381.4)
  • Towing unit minimum weight, lb (kg) 3500 (1587.6)

Bale capacity

  • Round bale diameter, ft (m) 5.5 (1.7)
  • Square bale size, ft (m) 3x3x5.5 (.9x.9x.1.7)


  • Quantity 4 (2 front, 2 rear)
  • Size (front) 11L-15 Implement
  • Size (rear) 11L-15 Implement


  • Engine type Honda
  • Engine size, hp (kW) 13 (9.7)
  • Alternator size, amp 18
  • Start type Electric


  • Type 12V electric over hydraulic
  • Hydraulic system Self-contained
  • Steering Hydraulic with optional remote control
  • Power drive Optional, hydraulic single or dual wheel
  • Folding tail gate Hydraulic
  • Lift mechanism Optional hydraulic power jack
  • Compacting brakes Hydraulic adjustable pressure valve


  • Hoop speed Adjustable flow control valve
  • Cycle time Adjustable with limit switches
  • Wrapping capacity 120 bales per hour
  • Film tensioners Two 30-in. aluminum rollers with 55 percent stretch
  • Bale alignment Adjustable bale guides
  • Bale guide rollers Optional

Final bale push off

  • Bale pusher Self-contained scissor linkage
  • Unloading Manual cross tube


  • Type Folding
  • Length Adjustable

Lighting, marking and safety

  • Transport safety lights Standard
  • Markings SMV and reflectors
  • Safety tow chain Standard
  • Jack Standard

Set-up time

  • Labor hours 1
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