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  1. GENERAL PROVISIONS – The warranties described below are provided by Deere & Company (“John Deere”) to the original purchaser of new Turf & Utility Equipment (“Equipment”) from John Deere or authorized John Deere dealers. Under these warranties, John Deere will repair or replace, at its option, any covered part which is found to be defective in material or workmanship during the applicable warranty term. Warranty service must be performed by a dealer or service center authorized by John Deere to sell and/or service the type of Equipment involved, which will use only new or remanufactured parts or components furnished by John Deere. Warranty service will be performed without charge to the purchaser for parts or labor. The purchaser will be responsible, however, for any service call and/or transportation of product to and from the dealer’s or service center’s place of business, for any premium charged for overtime labor requested by the purchaser, and for any service and/or maintenance not directly related to any defect covered under the warranties below. These warranties are transferable, provided an authorized John Deere dealer is notified of the ownership change, and John Deere approves the transfer.
  2. WHAT IS WARRANTED – All parts of any new John Deere Equipment, except tires and batteries (which are warranted under separate documents provided with each product), are warranted for the number of months or operating hours specified below. Warranty statements required by law covering engine emission-related parts and components, which shall not be less than the engine warranty, are found in the Operator’s Manual delivered with the Equipment. Included In Compact Utility Tractor Powertrain Warranty - Engine: cylinder block, cylinder head, valve covers, oil pan, timing gear covers, flywheel housing, emissions control components and all parts contained therein. Powertrain: transmission, transmission case, differential and axle housings, clutch housings, MFWD front axle assembly, and all parts contained therein (does not include external drivelines, dry clutch parts, or steering cylinders).
  3. WHAT IS NOT WARRANTED – JOHN DEERE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING: (1) Used Equipment; (2) Any Equipment that has been altered or modified in ways not approved by John Deere, including, but not limited to, setting injection pump fuel delivery above John Deere specifications; (3) Depreciation or damage caused by normal wear, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, misuse, lack of proper protection during storage, or accident; (4) The Utility Vehicle if used for racing or any other competitive activity; (5) Normal maintenance parts and service; (6) Golf & Turf Equipment is warranted under separate warranty.
  4. SECURING WARRANTY SERVICE – To secure warranty service, the purchaser must (1) Report the product defect to an authorized dealer and request repair within the applicable warranty term, (2) Present evidence of the warranty start date, and (3) Make the Equipment available to an authorized dealer or service center within a reasonable period of time.
  5. LIMITATION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND OTHER REMEDIES – TURF & UTILITY EQUIPMENT – To the extent permitted by law, neither John Deere nor any company affiliated with it makes any warranties, representations or promises as to the quality, performance or freedom from defect of the Turf & Utility Equipment covered by this warranty. IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TO THE EXTENT APPLICABLE, SHALL BE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE APPLICABLE PERIOD OF WARRANTY SET FORTH ON THIS PAGE. THE PURCHASER’S ONLY REMEDIES IN CONNECTION WITH THE BREACH OR PERFORMANCE OF ANY WARRANTY ON THE JOHN DEERE TURF & UTILITY EQUIPMENT ARE THOSE SET FORTH ON THIS PAGE. IN NO EVENT WILL THE DEALER, JOHN DEERE OR ANY COMPANY AFFILIATED WITH JOHN DEERE BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. (Note: some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.) This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
  6. NO DEALER WARRANTY – The selling dealer makes no warranty of its own and the dealer has no authority to make any representation or promise on behalf of John Deere, or to modify the terms or limitations of this warranty in any way.

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Turf and Utility Equipment Warranty Term
1) Z200 Series and Z425 EZtrak TM Mowers, Z300 Series and Z525E ZTrak TM Mowers, and D100 Series Tractors ** 24 Months or 120 Hours, Whichever Comes First
2) S200 Series Tractors** 36 Months or 200 Hours, Whichever Comes First
3) X300 Series Tractors; Z400 Series EZtrak TM Mowers and Z500M Series ZTrak™ Mowers (Except Z425 and Z525E)** 48 Months or 300 Hours, Whichever Comes First
4) X500 Series Tractors; Z600 Series EZtrak TM Mowers and Z500R Series ZTrak™ Mowers ** 48 Months or 500 Hours, Whichever Comes First
5) X700 Series Tractors ** 48 Months or 700 Hours, Whichever Comes First
6) JS Series Residential Walk-Behind Mowers 24 Months in Private Residential - Personal Use 90 Days in Any Other Application
7) Wide Area Mowers, Front Mower Traction Units and Mower Decks ,QuikTrakTM Mowers, Commercial Walk Behind Mowers 24 Months
8) Z900B, Z900E, and Z900M Series ZTrak™ Mowers 36 Months or 1200 Hours, Whichever Comes First. First 24 Months, No Hour Limitation
9) Z997, Z900A Series and Z900R Series ZTrak™ Mowers 36 Months or 1500 Hours, Whichever Comes First. First 24 Months, No Hour Limitation
10) Compact Utility Tractors. a) Powertrain on Compact Utility Tractors (components as per B above) 24 months or 2000 hours, Whichever Comes First. 72 months or 2000 hours, Whichever Comes First
11) GATORTM Utility Vehicles (except CX ) 12 Months or 1000 Hours, Whichever Comes First
12) Implements/Attachments sold separately or used on Equipment listed in 7 through 11 12 Months
13) CX GATOR™**, All other Turf & Utility Equipment 24 Months in Private Residential - Personal Use. 12 Months in Any Other Application
*Each Warranty Term begins on the date of product delivery to the purchaser.
**Implements/Attachments purchased on the same Purchase Order as the Equipment listed will be covered by the Equipment’s Warranty Term. Implements or Attachments purchased separately will be covered by the Warranty Term on line 12

All items and warranties listed above are subject to change without notice. Please contact your local John Deere Ag-Power dealership for more details. Download the PDF.

DC-1360 (Effective October 1, 2016)

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