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John Deere 3038E 37-hp Compact Utility Tractor

The John Deere 3038E Compact Utility Tractor has a 37-hp engine.

Available Tractor Attachments 

John Deere H120 Loader
John Deere D160
John Deere 647 Rotary Tiller
John Deere 655
Frontier RC2048 Rotary Cutter
Frontier RC2060
Frontier BB2060 Box Blade
Frontier BB2060

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Features and Benefits

  • The John Deere 3038E Compact Utility Tractor has a 37-hp engine.
  • * Manufacturer's estimate of power (ISO) per 97/68/EC. Advertised horsepower with the name/numbering convention is always rounded up to the nearest whole numbers. For example, 37.1 is rounded to 38, hence the "3038E" model number.
  • The John Deere 3038E Compact Utility Tractor can be matched with a variety of John Deere and Frontier implements to meet the growing needs of today's value-conscious customers.

Target customers for utility tractors:

  • Life-style farmers
  • Large-property owners

These great tractors were designed for the following primary applications:

  • Loader usage
  • Rear mowing (rear grooming and rough cut)
  • Box scraping and rear blade work
  • Rotary tilling
  • 3-point hitch mounted tillage work


  • MODEL 3038E


  • Yanmar Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Interim Tier IV EPA Emmissions Certified
  • Engine HP 37.1 (27.3 kW)
  • PTO HP 30.0 (22.4 kW) HST
  • Rated Speed 2500 RPM
  • **Manufacturers Estimate of Power (ISO) per 97/68 EC


  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • HST Transmission
  • 2 Ranges
  • Differential Lock (Control Integrated with Brake Pedal)


  • 9.3 GPM (35.2 LPM) Total Flow
  • 5.3 GPM (20.1 LPM) Implement Pump
  • 4.0 GPM (15.1 LPM) Steering Pump


  • Independent 540 RPM Rear PTO
  • Electronically Engaged Wet Clutch


  • 12-Volt System
  • 40 Amp Alternator
  • Key Ignition Starter with Accessory and Pre-Heat Position
  • Maintenance Free Battery with 500 Cold Cranking Amps


  • Adjustable Vinyl Seat without suspension
  • Fixed ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) Meets ASAE S478 and OSHA 1928.51 ROPS Certification Standard
  • Retractable Seat Belt
  • Operator Presence with Safety Interlock System


  • 7.00-14 4PR (R1) Agricultural Front Tires
  • 11.2-24 4PR (R1) Agricultural Rear Tires


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