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John Deere TE 4x2 Electric Gator Utility Vehicle

The John Deere TE 4x2 Electric Gator Utility Vehicle has a 48-V electric motor and a 15-mph maximum speed. Learn more...

Features and Benefits

  • The updated John Deere TE 4x2 Electric Gator is designed to provide a quiet, powerful, and comfortable utility vehicle capable of accomplishing a full day of work. Changes have been made to more effectively align unique attributes of the model to the specific customer requirements.

Updates on the vehicle include:

  • - Updated styling
  • - Improved operator space
  • - Standard 4-PR tires
  • - Updated in dash forward/neutral/reverse switch
  • - Improved battery display indicator
  • - Operator presence switch that lets the operator know the vehicle is on and in gear but does not shut down the vehicle
  • - With its low ground pressure to prevent turf scuffing, the Gator TE Electric is a perfect choice for golf course superintendents and turf care specialists

Key features for the John Deere TE 4x2 Electric Gator include:

  • - 48-V (with eight Trojan® T-105 batteries) electrical sys­tem or optional extended-range 48-V (with eight Trojan T-145 batteries) electrical system
  • - 500 lb (227 kg) of box capacity
  • - 45-in. (1143 mm) long x 52-in. (1321 mm) wide x 12-in. (304.8 mm) deep cargo box
  • - 600 lb (272 kg) of towing capacity
  • - 15 mph (24.1 km/h) of maximum speed
  • - Foot-pedal operation for convenient starting and stopping
  • - Dana transaxle with helical gearing
  • - Self-adjusting drum brakes
  • - Two high-back bucket, tilt-forward seats
  • Trojan® is a U.S.-registered trademark of Trojan Battery Company.


  • MODEL TE 4x2 Electric


  • 3.8 HP Separately Excited Motor
  • 21 Amp DC Automatic Charger
  • Separately Excited Controller
  • 400 Amp Current Limit
  • Dana Transaxle w/Helical Gearing Separate Line 48V System With 8 Trojan T-105 Batteries
  • Full Enclosed, Oil Bath Transaxle Lubrication
  • Self Adjusting Drum Brakes
  • Hand Operated Multi Latch Park Brake
  • 2 Rear Drive Wheels
  • 15 MPH (24.1 Km/h) Forward/9 MPH Reverse


  • Rack and Pinion Steering
  • Independent Front Suspension: Spring Over Shock, Independent A-Arm Design
  • 1 In (25 mm) Front Spindles


  • Arc Welded Uni-Body Frame
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Polyolefin (TPO) Hood and Fenders


  • Dash Instrumentation Includes:
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Hourmeter
  • Forward / Neutral / Reverse Switch
  • Two High Back Seats
  • Hip Restraint Bars (Operator and Passenger)
  • Walk Through Platform
  • Passenger Handle Bar
  • Glove Box


  • 52 In. (1320 mm) Wide X 45 In. (1143 mm) Long X 12 In. (304.8 mm) Deep
  • 500 Lb. (227 kg) Cargo Capacity (16.4 cu. ft.)
  • 900 Lb. (409 kg) Total Payload Capacity (With 200 Lb. (91 kg) Operator and 200 Lb. (91 kg) Passenger)
  • 600 Lb. (273 kg) Towing Capacity
  • Ribbed Steel Construction
  • Tilting Box
  • Hinged, Removable Tailgate
  • Load Guard
  • Removable Cargo Box Side Panels (Flat Bed)
  • Hold Down Latch and Prop Rod


  • Front: 2-22x9.50-10 4 Ply Turf/Hard Surface
  • Rear: 2-24x12-10 4 Ply Cayman Turf
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