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Breaker Hammer

John Deere Breaker Hammers are optimized to work with John Deere skid steers, compact track loaders, and compact excavators, and are compatible with most competitive models. Learn more...

Features & Benefits

  • John Deere Breaker Hammers are optimized to work with John Deere skid steers, compact track loaders, and compact excavators, and are compatible with most competitive models. 
  • Models: HH15,Hh40, HH50, HB60, HH75, HB85
  • Five Available Models - Breaker sizes range from 203 to 1356 N•m(150 to 1000 lb-ft) of energy per blow.
  • True Hydraulic Hammer Operating Cycle - These breakers don't use a high-pressure (350-700 psi) accumulator for power; instead they use a ''gas-assist'' cycle and utilize the hydraulic system for most of the firing power.
  • Low Recoil - The nitrogen chamber provides significant reduction in breaker recoil. The low-pressure nitrogen charge cushions piston recoil to protect the skid steer and operator from the recoil caused during the ''rebound'' or ''cocking'' stroke.
  • No Hydraulic Surge - The efficient, fully hydraulic design protects the skid steer hydraulic circuit so that no surge-damping accumulators are required.
  • Modern, Modular Construction - Breakers offer a powerful punch and dependable performance with only two moving parts.
  • Simple Field Maintenance - With few seals and no special tools required for repair, these breakers are truly field serviceable and owner repairable.
  • Slim, Compact Design - For tight trench work or crowded demolition applications, the narrow rectangular shape lets the operator get into tough spots where other breakers can't reach.
  • High Power-to-Weight Ratio - The precision-ground and plated components of the breakers offer high efficiency and light weight.
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