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John Deere 680R Loader

The John Deere 680R Loader is compatible with the 6 Series Utility Tractors. Learn more...

Features and Benefits

  • Tool-free removal and attachment with just a few, simple steps
  • Frame design that allows for maximum maneuverability
  • Repositioned leveling links for better visibility
  • Automatic Mast Latch system for quick change from loader to three-point implements


  • MODEL 680R
  • Mounting Frame for 6175R, 6195R, 6215R Tractors 
  • Three Function Mechanical Self Leveling Loader (MSL) 
  • Three Function Hoses and Parts
  • Three Function Single Point Hydraulic Connection 
  • Hood Guard
  • 96 in. Heavy Duty Bucket With Grapple Brackets 
  • Automatic Mast Latch
  • Global Carrier
  • Bucket Level Indicator
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