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John Deere V461R Variable Chamber Round Baler

The John Deere V461R Variable Chamber Round Baler produces bales up to 1.85 m (6.1 ft) and can be delivered with a non-cutting rotor feeder, standard precutter or fine-chop precutter. Learn more ...
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  • v461r-v4

Features and Benefits

  • Precutter: MaxiCut HC 13 or 25 knife options
  • Creates 4' x 6' bales
  • Full-width hydraulically operated drop floor


  • MANUFACTURER: John Deere
  • MODEL: V461R


  • Full Frame design with independent bale chamber 


  • 2,2m (2,12m DIN) Premium pick up  
  • Stainless steel strippers  
  • Camtrack driven pickup 
  • 5 tine bars with central spider and ball bearings 
  • 6mm tines 
  • Windrow compressor roll and compressing rods 
  • Hydraulic pick up lift  
  • Adjustable down stop and floating 


  • HC Premium rotor with converging augers on rotor axle 
  • 3 Hardox® wear plate rotor tines per turn 
  • Full width + parallel kinematic drop floor 
  • Drop floor controlled from the cab 


  • Adjustable bale diameter from 0,8m to 1.85m - set-up from the monitor 
  • Bale chamber width: 1.21m 
  • 2 front driven rolls + 1 driven starter roll 
  • 2 x 576 mm width endless belts 
  • 2 rubber coated driving rolls 
  • Adjustable bale density from monitor 
  • Hydraulic pressure gauge on monitor 
  • Softcore pressure and diameter fully adjustable from monitor 
  • Cleaning rollers for wet conditions 
  • Greasable bearings 
  • 1-1/4" Diamonds H bale chamber and feeder rotors drive chains 
  • Automatic chain lubrication (volumetric pump) 
  • Fast Release System - Bale unloading 
  • Movable side sheets to release bales w/o contact 
  • Fast and light tailgate 
  • Rear protective curtain
  • Net wrapping system 
  • Net tying system in front of the machine 
  • Self adjusting net roll brake 
  • Loading tray 
  • 3 net rolls as loading capacity 
  • Compatible with CoverEdge and Edge to Edge net 
  • 2 plastic stops for non CoverEdge net rolls 
  • All settings from display
  • Electrical system 
  • ISOBUS baler 
  • Monitor support not included 
  • Tractor Baler Automation function activated (compatible with John Deere tractors only - see details below) 


  • Casted gearbox with crossbeam design 
  • Camclutch safety 
  • PTO with wide angle, free rotation and 50h lubrication interval Axle 
  • Straight axle
  • Attaching Adjustable tongue for lower or upper position hitch (turnbuckles) 
  • 2 gears jackstand


  • Minimum tractor HP = 100 hp (no knife - knives not engaged) 
  • Minimum tractor HP = 110 hp (13 knives engaged) 
  • Minimum tractor HP = 120 hp (25 knives engaged) 
  • 1 Double acting SCV is required for tailgate 
  • 1 Double acting SCV is required for the pickup 
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