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John Deere 450M Round Baler

The John Deere 450M Round Baler produces bales 1.2-m (4-ft) wide and up to 1.5-m (5-ft) tall with a maximum dry weight of 499 kg (1100 lb) and a maximum wet weight of 793.8 kg (1750 lb). Learn more ...

Features and Benefits

  • BaleTrak™ Pro-monitor controller
  • Exclusive DiamondTough™ triple weave belts

Available in the following models:

  1. Standard (dry hay)
  2. MegaWide™ HC2 feed system with Precutter
  3. Silage


  • MANUFACTURER: John Deere
  • MODEL: 450M


  • 46.1 In. (1171 mm) Wide Up to 60 In. (1524 mm) Diameter Bale 
  • Weighing up to 1100 Lbs. (499 kg) 
  • Six 7 In. (178mm) Wide, DiamondTough Triple Weave Belts 
  • Diamond Tread Friction Surface Belts 
  • Mato Plate Type Belt Splices 
  • Regular Pickup: 45.9 In. (1.2 M), Inside 55.5 In. (1.4 M), 
  • Flare to Flare Roller Chain with V-Belt Drive 
  • Four-Bar Pickup Reel, 
  • 72 Teeth Adjustable Hay Compressors 
  • Adjustable Height Control 
  • Side Flare Crop Guides 
  • Constant Velocity 540 RPM PTO Tractor Hookup - Cat. 4, Lockback Collar, 
  • Slip Clutch Protected 
  • Fixed Hydraulic Density Control 
  • Large Feed Opening 
  • Powered Roundbar 
  • Starter Roll Staggered 
  • Belt Roll Bearing Protectors 
  • Double Electric Twine Arms 
  • Visual Twine Movement Indicators 
  • Six Ball Twine Storage 
  • 14L x 16.1, 8PR Hi Flotation Tires 
  • Adjustable Wheel Spindles 
  • Screw Type Jack 
  • Mechanical Bale Size Indicator 
  • Hinged Shields 
  • Hydraulic Gate 
  • Lockout Flashing 
  • Warning Lights with Turning Signal 
  • 10,000 Lb. (45 kN) Safety Chain 
  • BaleTrak Pro Monitor/Controller: (Less Mounting Brackets) 

Monitor Functions: 

  • Gate Closed-Ready 
  • Bale Shape Indicators 
  • Near Full Size 
  • Alert Full Bale 
  • Alarm Bale Full Size-Wrap 
  • Started Oversize Bale 
  • Alert Gate Partially Open 
  • Display Bale Size Out of Net 
  • Net Cutoff 
  • Selection of Twine or Net On Board Diagnostics 
  • Bale Counter Low 
  • Voltage Indicator 
  • Bale Size Calibration 
  • Display Error Codes 
  • Manual Actuator Movement with Electronic Bypass Controller 


  • Net or Twine Application 
  • Auto Wrap Cycle 
  • Control of Bale 
  • Size Control of Twine 
  • Spacing/Net Wraps Number of End Wraps 
  • End Wrap Location Control of Soft Core (Connects to Tractor 3-Terminal Convenience Outlet) 
  • One Tractor Selective Control Valve is required when baler is equipped with BaleTrak Pro or BaleTrak Plus Monitor/Controller. 
  • Two Tractor Selective Control Valves are required when baler is equipped with BaleTrak Pro or BaleTrak Plus Monitor/Controller and Hydraulic Pickup Lift. 
  • For tractors not equipped with a convenience outlet, order AE50549, 3-Terminal Convenience Outlet Wiring Harness from Parts, see Attachments for Field Conversion. 
  • 450m-megawide
  • 450m-silage
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