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John Deere 440E Round Baler

The John Deere 440E Round Baler produces bales 1.2-m (4-ft) wide and up to 1.2-m (4-ft) tall with a maximum dry weight of 340.2 kg (750 lb). Learn more ...

Features and Benefits

  • Makes tight and dense 4’ x 4’ bales
  • Exclusive DiamondTough™ triple weave belts


  • MANUFACTURER: John Deere
  • MODEL: 440E


  • 46.1 In. (1171 mm) Wide up to 48 In. (1295 mm) Diameter Bale 
  • Weighing up to 750 Lbs. (340 kg) 
  • Six 7 in. (178 mm) Wide, DiamondTough Triple Weave Belts, Diamond Tread Friction Surface 
  • Belts - Mato Plate-Type Belt 
  • Splices - V-Belt Drive Four-Bar 
  • Pickup Reel - 72 Teeth 
  • Adjustable Height Control 
  • Adjustable Contoured Hay Compressors 
  • Side Flare Crop Guides 
  • Constant Velocity 540 RPM PTO Tractor Hookup - Cat. 4, Lockback Collar, Shearbolt Protected 
  • Fixed Hydraulic Density Control 
  • Large Feed Opening 
  • Powered Round Bar 
  • Starter Roll Staggered 
  • Belt Roll Bearing Protectors 
  • Hydraulic Double Twine Wrap 
  • Five Ball Twine Storage 
  • 9.5L-14, 6PR Tires 
  • Adjustable Wheel Spindles 
  • Screw Type Jack 
  • Mechanical Bale Size Indicator 
  • Audible Alert for Near Full, Audible alert for Oversize Bale Hinged Shields 
  • Mechanical Gate Lockout Flashing 
  • Warning Lights with Turning Signal 
  • 10,000 Lb. (45 kN) Safety Chain 
  • One Tractor Selective Control Valve is required when baler is equipped with Electric Twine Wrap. 
  • Two Tractor Selective Control Valves are required when baler is equipped with Hydraulic Twine Wrap. Three Tractor Selective Control Valves are required when baler is equipped with Hydraulic Twine Wrap and Hydraulic Pickup Lift. 
  • For tractors not equipped with a Convenience Outlet, order AE50549, 3-Terminal Convenience Outlet Wiring Harness from Parts. 
  • To adapt Audible Alert to 2 Terminal Tractor Convenience Outlet, order AA37254, Harness Wiring from Parts, see Attachments for Field Conversion. 
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