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John Deere filmed several TV commercials at Ag-Power



Lighting Screen

Film crew setting up a lighting screen.


Actor Set-Up

Getting ready for the film shoot and getting the actor ready.


Camera Crane

Film crew using the camera crane for various action shot angles.



Director yawning between shots getting ready for the next shot.


Action Filming

Action shot of the actor while mowing with a residential mower.


Camera Tracks

Awesome shot of the camera rails for smooth filming.


Misc Equipment

Some of the equipment that was used.


Directors Tent

This angle shows what the commercial looks like during filming. 


Film Crew

Crew setting up for the next shot.


More Crew

An angle of what the onset view looks like during live filming.


Gator Set-Up

Setting-up for filming some John Deere Gators.


Mowers Set-Up

This is the mowers getting ready for filming next.

Local farmer planting corn in the ground.



Corn In The Ground

John Deere 8000 series tractor planting corn.


Corn In The Ground

A farmer with his John Deere tractor and planter.


Corn In The Ground

Its getting late but this farmer continues to work.

Ag-Power provided several tractors and scrapers to a local landfill.




John Deere 9000 series tractor at the landfill.



Pair of John Deere tractors leveling the land.



Close-up of a John Deere tractor and scrapers.



Full load of scrapers in tow.



A John Deere tractor making a turn with three scrapers.



A rear shot of three scrapers from the rear in tow.



John Deere tractor and three scrapers profile.



John Deere 9000 series tractor at the landfill.



John Deere 9000 series tractor at the landfill.

Ag-Power provided several tractors to Lone Star Park.



Lone Star Park

A view of the starting gate.


Lone Star Park

Ag-Power service truck at Lone Star Park.


Lone Star Park

John Deere tractor scraping the track.


Lone Star Park

Ag-Power service truck near the main entrance.


Lone Star Park

Four John Deere equipment prepping the track for the next race.


Lone Star Park

Another view of the John Deere tractors prepping the track.


Lone Star Park

John Deere tractor supplied by Ag-Power working the track.


Lone Star Park

Close-up of the Ag-Power John Deere 6000 Series tractor.


Lone Star Park

Three John Deere tractors passing by.

Misc pictures that include Ag-Power



Fishing Competition

Shad Schenck during a fishing competition.



Ag-Power sign at the Texas Motor Speedway during an air race.

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